Ostora tv

The application of the legend ostora tv live broadcast of the matches

The legend ostora tv application to broadcast international matches and the World Cup, and watch football matches broadcast live without cutting with many other advantages, you can watch all the matches of the World Cup live broadcast through the legend application, as the application has been designed in order to broadcast global matches directly on free air.

About the Ostoura TV application

The legend application is one of the most important and best applications that broadcast many sports channels and football matches live, and all legend users will be able to watch all the World Cup matches broadcast live without interruption, through the screens of smart phones that operate on the Android system.

The application provides the ability to know the match schedule firsthand, and this will help users to know the date of each match and watch it with ease, in addition to the ability to know the results of the matches and many tools and features waiting for you.

There are many channels that you can watch through the legend application, and the application is characterized by that it transmits a live broadcast of all direct channels so that users can watch directly without restrictions, in addition to that the application is very popular as the number of application users has reached about one million users from all over the world .

Ostora tv legend program

All football fans, especially the World Cup, can watch the matches through the Legend application without restrictions, in addition to watching a live broadcast of all sports channels and BN Sport channels, and the application contains many servers that broadcast the matches live with many qualities, the application also supports many of languages, and this helps all users from all over the world to use the application with ease, with the application enjoying a very easy user interface, so that the user can move from one place to another and from one channel to another channel.

The application does not take up a lot of space, and does not require a large storage memory in order to install and download the application, and this feature is one of the most important features that many users focus on, although the application contains servers and servers, but it is an application that does not need a large space in order to download it or install it.

Why do you have to download and install the legend program?

Because it helps you to watch all the matches, as well as watch the World Cup broadcast live on the air without interruption, in addition to that it helps you to follow all the sports news, and know the schedule of matches and the results of the matches, also you can watch football matches with high accuracy, as there are many qualities that are available You can choose it, and the application allows you to choose any quality you want in order to watch sports channels and matches.

Watching many international leagues, such as the English Premier League, the Spanish League, the German League, and the Arab, European and international leagues, all of this you can view through the Legend TV application, as the application provides watching a live broadcast of all international football leagues without interruption.

If your internet is weak, do not worry because the Legend TV application is compatible with all weak and strong internet networks, so that everyone can watch football matches broadcast live without interruption, with all the appropriate quality available for watching TV and sports channels.

Features of the ostora tv app

  1. It does not contain any annoying ads that cause inconvenience to the user while watching football matches broadcast live
  2. You can connect the application through your phone to the TV screen so that you can watch the matches on TV with ease
  3. It contains powerful servers that broadcast football matches without interruption
  4. The schedule of all matches is available today with the results so that you can know when any match is shown and the results of the matches
  5. There are many different sections that you can access, and the program is not limited to broadcasting matches only, but there are many TV channels that you can watch
  6. It is easy to use, and there are no complications while using the application, as there are many tools and features that make it easier for users
  7. You can reach all new matches, results and summaries through the free notifications feature that you can activate if you want to

There are also many applications that help broadcast matches directly through the phone, similar to the Legend TV application, such as the Yassin TV application and other applications.