Top Android Apps! (October 2022)

Must have Android apps of October 2022. Best new Android apps that you must download this month.

Useful Android apps that you must download. Start October 2022 by downloading these awesome Android apps on your device. These apps can be downloaded for free and are very useful.

Flashlight by Whistle

Flashlight by a whistle – just makes some whistling sounds to turn on the flash! Use the flashlight button quickly and freely: just whistle loud and it will turn on the flashlight blinker – bright like a stroboscope. You don’t need to unlock the screen, open the camera and press the button: it will switch on automatically with a whistling app!

This app recognizes whistling noises to turn on the flashlight for the camera. Flashlight lighter app will be useful to light the room quickly. You can even find your phone in the dark with a single whistle application, or use it for fun like a stroboscope. The only thing you need to turn on the bright flashlight for the camera is to download a whistle sounds app!

Flashlight by a whistle – turn on flash by whistling app features:

  • ~ Switch on the flash for the camera quickly
  • ~ Bright-like stroboscope
  • ~ Flash app: flashlight light & whistle cam
  • ~ Quickly find your phone in the dark with whistling
  • ~ Whistle camera app for my phone
  • ~ Useful tool for cam: turn on the light quickly
  • ~ Or you can use it as a blinker just for fun

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher improves and extends the features of your Android devices giving them a new home screen designed to be easier and faster to use.
Smart Launcher automatically sorts your apps into categories. It features a powerful search engine that allows you to search for what you need in just a few taps. It matches your wallpaper colors every time you change it. We designed every area of your new home screen to be as smart as possible.

Everything you need to perform your daily tasks faster and easier.

SMART LAUNCHER – App Features:

  • Automatic app sorting
  • Ambient theme
  • Designed to be used with one hand
  • Smart Launcher is completely customizable
  • Smart search
  • Adaptive icons
  • And more…


1 Edge is a Floating Window Edge Panels application similar to Samsung Edge, which provides:
App shortcut: add your favorite app and open it quickly on a floating window (eg. Add YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter as a shortcut to fast open)
Countdown day: Add important days through the floating window, such as birthday, Christmas, etc. it will show how many days left until this day
Drinking water: Remind you to drink water, at the same time you can also record the drinking time of drinking water
Timer: Start a countdown timer very quickly
Tools: Compass and ruler tools
RSS Feed: Subscribe to the RSS Feed you like

Accessibility service:

  • This application has applied for Accessibility service permissions. You need to grant this permission so that the app can perform the HOME/BACK/RECENT button click.


XSCamera is a very advanced and totally free app to record videos in the background without a preview, and with this background video recorder, you can record video even when the screen is locked (off).

It is an easy-to-use background video recorder app, so you can start the hidden camera recording with one click and there are too many configurations that let you customize it to fits your needs.

XSCamera the background video recorder (BVR) is available in different languages, and it is 100% free without any hidden fees.
It is also a must-have tool on your device because you may need it for some serious scenarios.

XSCamera – App Features:

  • Unlimited number of records
  • Unlimited duration of recording
  • Supports all qualities: UHD, FHD, HD, SD
  • Record with or without sound
  • Record with or without flash
  • Supports Android 13
  • Can be used totally offline
  • You can set a lock screen (passcode) to protect the app
  • Check the available storage and RAM
  • Record then turn the screen off and it continues recording
  • Change the app theme so it looks like some other famous apps if someone is stalking your screen
  • Both front and back cameras
  • Different recording modes (totally hidden, mini-preview, logo-preview, progress bar preview)
  • Record when making a phone call
  • Schedule Records at specific times and dates
  • Easily manage the recorded videos
  • 100% FREE with all its features
  • & More


How annoying it is when you don’t find media you need because they are somewhere in your smartphone? Now you can keep everything you need on your notifications thanks to Ruppu!

Ruppu is a Sicilian dialect word that means knot. We called it Ruppu because you will make a knot of whatever is sharable, in your notification.

Ruppu – App Features:

You can easily Pin on your notification several type of contents :

  • Link
  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Video
  • QRs
  • Current location
  • CheckList
  • Apps
  • Notes


Are you finding it difficult to manage where your money is going? Maybe you want to split up your savings for different purposes. Or you want to set some goals to make sure you can afford something by a deadline. JamJars can help you with all of that and more.

JamJars brings the old jam jar savings method to your phone in a beautiful, functional, and reliable app. Each “jar” represents a single goal and you can divide up your money into as many jars as you need. The jam jar method is a fantastic way of managing your budget and making sure it goes exactly where you want it to go. Get started today!

JamJars – App Features:

  • Shared Jars: Collaborate on your jars in real time with as many people as you want (Premium only & Internet Connection required)
  • Multiple Jars: Add up to 10 Jars in the free version for every one of your savings goals.
  • Customize Jars: Assign colors to jars to improve organization and personalize them.
  • Deadlines: Set time-bound goals to follow up on each financial budget. Also, see how to get there on time.
  • Quick edit feature to quickly update your jars: With JamJars: Savings Tracker, you can update your savings in a couple of clicks.
  • Cloud backup: Backup your jars to our secure cloud for easy access on any device (Premium only and Internet Connection required)
  • Import/Export feature to back up your data locally. Changing devices is not the end of your money tracking. Use this feature to bring in existing savings goals and plans in just a few clicks. No need to start over.

Liquid Drink

Liquid Drinking Water is a record and reminder drinking water app, its main functions

  1. Real liquid simulation is full of fun, play with liquid
  2. Record the amount of water you drink every day
  3. Remind you to drink water regularly to protect your body

App Features:

Drinking plenty of water has great benefits for your body, such as:

  1. Maintain normal operation of vitamin B and metabolize sugar to avoid obesity
  2. Maintain the antioxidant function of vitamin C
  3. Avoid urinary tract-related diseases, such as kidney stones, urethral inflammation
  4. Help digestion and gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation
  5. Promote heat dissipation and heat stroke
  6. Detoxification helps to maintain the skin, preventing a sallow complexion and rough skin
  7. Fight against chronic diseases: drink warm water correctly and adjust your diet, which is beneficial to control high blood pressure and diabetes
  8. Reduce blood viscosity in the body, prevent arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.