Remove your personal information from the Internet

It’s a process to remove your personal information from the internet, so be patient and don’t expect to complete it in one day. Take a systematic approach, tackling one technique every week or so.

Keep these caveats in mind: It may be impossible to permanently delete all of your info from the web. And after you remove any profiles and information, you might not surface in search results, which could put off future employers and potential love interests. But the time, effort, and absence from the web can help you protect your information and finances.

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Remove your personal information from Google

This page will help you get to the right place to report content that you would like removed from Google’s services under applicable laws. Providing us with complete information will help us to investigate your enquiry.

If you have non-legal issues that concern Google’s Terms of Service or content policies, please visit

We ask that you submit a separate notice for each Google service in which the content appears.