Torch Vault (secret gallery lock application) is an application that locks and hides your personal photos and videos from your phone’s gallery.

Torch App for Android


Torch Vault- Hide Photo,video

Torch Vault is the Gallery Vault application that can hide photos, hide videos and more files. No one can know that you have installed the Gallery Vault application. It looks like a Simple Torch application. But you can hide and lock your personal files after pressing for a long time on the title of the torch and entering a secret PIN code.

Vault is a handy tool that offers the option to protect any document on your smartphone behind one or several passwords.

Vault’s smart and small interface design makes it surprisingly simple to use all its features. The first time you start the app you will be asked to put your password, PIN code, or form to help protect access to protected content and, once you take the first step, you just need to choose which files you want to save and let Vault take care of the rest.

Vault also includes features that enable you to restructure content as you need by creating and editing folders. One of the most important features it offers is to import entire galleries at the click of the button, saving a huge amount of time and effort.

Thanks to Vault you can stop worrying whenever you give your phone to anyone and the rest is safe so that nothing you don’t want from anyone else.