Who touched my phone? Who unlocked or tried to unlock…

WTMP App for Android



Android application WTMP developed by BRILIC MEDIA, LLC is listed under the category Tools7. The current version is 1.2.4, released on 10/11/2022. According to Google Play WTMP achieved more than 2 million installs. WTMP currently has 4 thousand ratings with an average rating value of 4.2

  • If someone has unlocked your phone without you asking, then
    WTMP app will take a picture of them unnoticed and add it to the
    report. Reports can be viewed
    in the app under the reports tab.
  • Anti-theft security app warns thief or crook not to touch my phone.
  • Secure your mobile phone from intruders using the anti mobile alert app.
    The best Android security and anti-theft protection for FREE.
  • When the alarm is on, the thief CANNOT lower the alarm volume even if
    your phone is on silent

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