Blindstory – Story Saver

Blindstory helps you effortlessly watch & download HD Instagram Stories without a trace. You can save video & photo easily with just one click directly into your device. Be notified whenever a following or follower posts new photos & videos as Instagram Stories. Enable Story Magnet to automatically catch and save a story to your device before.

Blindstory android app – Story Saver

Have you been on the search on how you can watch Instagram stories anonymously? Search no further as the BlindStory app has come to the rescue. This app is popular amongst people due to its exceptional abilities. Some of such abilities include allowing users to view Instagram stories anonymously and even download stories. Note that users can do all these in HD, and the visual quality will have no issues. This app is easy to navigate as it enables users to view content from the people they follow. More so, you can effortlessly search for specific users if you are looking for a particular person. For those who have their favorite users and are interested in automatically downloading their stories, this app offers a feature known as a story magnet for this act. It is vital to note that its free version is limited. This means that you will need to buy a premium subscription to use all its amazing features.

You can find this app available on iOS and Android