Email Tracker for Gmail

Email tracker for Gmail & Mail Merges with over 2 million active users. Free and unlimited email tracking.
Free and unlimited tracking for Gmail. Mailtrack is a personal email marketing tool with Campaigns, Mail Merge, and PDF document analytics from Gmail.

Email Tracker for Gmail

Why should you use Mailtrack?

  • Free email tracker for Gmail
  • 108,000 paying subscribers
  • 2 million active users
  • 8 million registered users
  • A security audit by Google
  • GDPR compliant
  • Patented Technology
  • Top reviews: 4,5 stars from over 10,000 reviews
  • Personal Email marketing tool: Send campaigns with Mail Merge
  • PDF document analytics
  • Featured in Forbes, Mashable, Inc, Lifehacker…
  • Used by professionals in: Uber, Indeed, Randstad, Keller Williams, Compass..
Email Tracker for Gmail

How to use our mail tracker app?

  • Install Mailtrack read receipts extension
  • Sends emails normally: Mailtrack will track all your emails automatically
  • Open your “Sent emails” folder to see the read receipt status
  • One checkmark ✓ means that your email has been sent, but not opened.
  • Two checkmarks ✓✓ mean that your email has been opened.
  • Hover the mouse over the checkmarks to know exactly when and how many times your email has been opened


  • Higher open rates and response rates than any other email tracker
  • Reach the Inbox: your emails are less likely to end up in promotions or spam.
  • Best deliverability ever for an email marketing tool
  • Easy follow-up with alerts
  • Mail Merge connects with Google Sheets
  • Bulk email features for mail marketing & Gmail templates
  • Time spent viewing the PDF: Page by page and total

✓ Free and Unlimited email tracking: Track as many emails as you like.
✓Track group emails individually: know exactly who opened your email
✓ Follow-up email alerts: when not opened, not replied, opened very much…
✓ Link tracking: know when someone clicks on the links in your mails.
✓ Campaigns: personal email marketing tool. Send individually tracked emails to up to 1,000 recipients at a time in combination with Mail Merge
✓ Mail Merge: Customized emails extracting data from Google Sheets
✓ PDF Tracking: Know when your PDF documents are opened
✓ PDF Reading progress: % of the document that the recipient has read
✓ PDF Best performing pages: identify the pages where the most time was spent
✓ Tracking Certificates: serve as proof that your emails have been delivered.
✓ Daily Reports: Receive by email a summary of the previous day’s tracking activity.
✓ Salesforce / CRM integration
✓ CSV data Export with Mail Merge
✓ Works on iOS & Android: Send tracked mails from your phone’s Gmail app
✓ Email & phone support


  • Job search: know whether your resume has been opened by the recruiter or not
  • Sending Quotes: know if your potential clients are engaged
  • Invoices: know wether your bill has been received or not
  • Newsletters: send up to 1,000 individually tracked emails by once using our Mail Merge
  • Email marketing: measure your cold email effectiveness with Mail Merge


The Mailtrack Company processes personal data in accordance with European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. Mailtrack’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use comply fully with GDPR, which is the toughest privacy and security law in the world.

Mailtrack passes an audit by Google every year for optimal security.