Top iPhone Apps! (October 2022)

Must have iPhone apps of October 2022. Best new iPhone apps that you must download this month.

Useful iPhone apps that you must download. Start October 2022 by downloading these awesome iPhone apps on your device. These apps can be downloaded for free and are very useful.


OPENER. An ultra-efficient Safari Extension that automatically opens links in-app. Choose between over 200+ apps to open in Safari.

PRIVATE: Opener does not collect or store any of your data – nothing leaves your device.

BUY ONCE: Open any one app for free and unlock unlimited apps with a one-time purchase. No subscriptions, no ads, no-nonsense.

FAST: Opener performs a quick redirect from Safari to the selected apps.

SIMPLE: It’s as easy as downloading Opener and enabling it in Safari settings. No maintenance is needed.

MODERN: Opener is written in Apple’s latest programming paradigm Swift UI and Safari Extension functionality.

Opener – Screenshots

Oh Corner

This is a safari extension. This extension vibrates your device when scrolling to the edges of a page.

The extension will always work on websites where the extension is enabled.

Oh Corner – Screenshots


The app is in Beta Phase and all the services are free without ads. Please provide feedback through ratings & reviews.

Conversion of scanned PDFs to excel is not supported yet

Reddy is an all-in-one PDF converter for PDFs and Microsoft Office documents.

===Convert to PDF

Word to PDF

Excel to PDF


===Convert from PDF

PDF to Word

PDF to Excel


Supported formats are .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .jpeg, .png etc.

Reddy – Screenshots


This app uses Live Text to quickly and accurately markup text. Whiteout, highlight, underline and pixelate text in your images.


  • Redact/whiteout sensitive text in your images.
  • Highlight text in your images.
  • Underline & strikethrough text in your images.
  • Apply a pixelated effect to your text.
  • Match the text color to the background.
  • Draw freehand in your images.
  • Export images to your photo library.


  • Click “Select an Image” to edit.
  • Tap and hold any text in your image to select using “Live Text”.
  • Select the color of your markup.
  • Tap your desired markup effect on the bottom.
WhiteOut – Screenshots


Overlook Weather prioritizes human readability over a sheer breadth of data. The carefully crafted landscape compresses all of the most important weather information into a natural scene that is instantly understandable to anyone.

It’s hard to interpret inches of rainfall or a cloud cover percentage, so Overlook lets you perceive them just like you would in the real world. Rather than checking endless lists of numbers, it allows you to get a visual sense of what a day will look like.

Overlook Weather offers both home and lock screen widgets to allow you to check the weather at a glance without even opening the app.

Overlook – Screenshots

Blur Photo

Automatically blur image backgrounds, faces, or subjects in your photo and add amazing blur effects.


  1. Select a photo you want to blur
  2. Click Blur Background for advanced background blurry effects or use manual mode to finger touch for accurate blurry part
  3. Choose from our many amazing blur effects and other filters to enhance your photos
  4. Save to camera roll or share your artwork with friends or via social media


  • Provide multiple unique blur effects to make the photo more prominent.
  • Radial mode to create powerful depth-of-field editing
  • Blur brush with adjustable strength and soft/hard brushes
  • Custom blur intensity & size
  • Zoom & rotate to work in detail
  • More advanced photo editing tools to make professional photo
Blur Photo – Screenshots


Say hello to MagicBoard! The keyboard that holds all the content you need to keep handy, is ready to paste anywhere you need!

  • Email templates
  • Quick replies to DMs
  • The personal information you need to fill forms faster (address, emails, phone numbers…)
  • Replies to reviews for your Business
  • Jokes, funny messages to prank your friends
  • Promotional messages to tweet
  • Your social links, video links, and anything that can help you promote yourself online
  • and more…

Make MagicBoard do what you please and save tons of time in the process.

T&Cs and privacy policy available here:

TLDR: No data was collected, besides a few Analytics events to understand how the features are being used so I can improve the app in the future.

Don’t store password in MagicBoard. This is not a password manager.

MagicBoard – Screenshots